Take Your Resume from Meh… to Must Hire

Resume Hire Cover PictureTaking your resume from good to great takes time and effort, but it can be the difference in getting an interview or not, so it is well worth it.

1. The first step is eliminating typos and grammatical errors. Have several people read through your resume (and cover letters) to make sure there are not any misspellings or typos. Try the editor at HemingwayApp.com to sharpen up your writing, too.

2. Make sure your resume is not just a list of your past job duties and responsibilities. Highlight some key accomplishments and projects you have worked on.

3. Keep it short. No resume needs to be over two pages long. Reformat, make cuts, and tighten it up until you are under that two-page mark. No one is going to read past page two; they’re just not.

4. Finally, if you need help getting your resume from good to great, know that help is available. If you are working with a staffing or recruiting agency, ask one of the recruiters to help you fine tune your resume. Ask a mentor for advice on what they think you should change. Or, hire a professional resume writer through an agency or freelance site to rework your resume for your specific industry and job level.

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