Welcome to West Coaching and Consulting. We are here to provide help to employees, job seekers, and businesses who have career or HR questions. From resume reviews to employee handbooks, we are your source for workplace solutions.

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The goal at West Coaching and Consulting is to provide professionals and organizations with high quality affordable solutions to career and HR related questions. I believe there is an advantage to getting objective advice regarding these issues and will always work with you to find the best option for you.

Career Coaching

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview coaching
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Dealing with difficult situations at work
  • Career goal setting

Consulting for Business

  • Job description creation and review
  • Employee handbook creation, reviews, and rewrites


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West Coaching and Consulting offers both career coaching for professionals and consulting for businesses.

Career Coaching

Resume Review
Includes review, update, and reformatting of your current resume. Can be customized for a specific job or industry.

Job Seeker Packages
Help with resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Can assist with a job search strategy based on your current skills and industry.

Interview Coaching
Provides a mock interview session via phone or facetime, with feedback and tips for improvement and wardrobe advice if needed.

Career Coaching Sessions
With these sessions we will work through your career questions – from advice on a difficult situation at your current job to planning a totally new career path. Includes a plan of action developed specifically for you with a follow up goals worksheet to keep you on track.

Consulting for Business

Job Description Review
Available to review and update current job descriptions after a discussion of the position’s duties and expectations.

Job Description Creation
Creation of new job descriptions for new or current positions within your company based on a discussion of the position’s duties and expectations.

Employee Handbook Review
Review and update of your current employee handbook.

Employee Handbook Creation
Creation of a new employee handbook based on a standard handbook template and customized to your organization where necessary.

Visit our contact page to reach out for more information or to customize a coaching or consulting plan.

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The latest information on issues that affect your career.

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