Always the Applicant, Never the Hire

Applicants who do not get hired

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your time applying for positions and never being called in for an interview. If you are submitting a ton of applications and not getting interviews, there are a few things that could be your likely culprit.

Generic Applications
Using the same resume and cover letter to apply for different jobs at different companies is a common mistake. Generic means you are not doing anything to stand out. If you send the same thing to every company, you aren’t getting through.

Your resume stands a better chance of getting a second look if it is tailored to the job description of the position you’re applying for. It should highlight your skills and accomplishments that match with the job duties of the position. Your cover letter should also be customized for the company you are applying to – show that you know a thing or two about their products or services.

Wrong Jobs
Make sure you meet the qualifications and requirements of the position to which you are applying. If a job requires a certification that you don’t have, you are probably not going to make it through the resume screening process unless you have some very impressive things to compensate for your lack of certification. Be realistic with yourself when looking at positions and deciding whether to apply or not.

Applying repeatedly for multiple positions at the same company will catch the eye of resume screeners, but not in a good way. In my recruiting experience, seeing the same name pop up for every open position (in different departments, at different levels) was always a red flag. Only apply to the one or two jobs for which you are the best fit. Applying to every open position they have does not increase your chances of an interview, it actually does the opposite.

Finally, if you’ve tried everything you can think of, it may be time to get an outside, neutral party to take a look at your job search documents (resume, cover letter, etc.) and help you improve your job search strategy.

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